yOU are stepping into a freedom world, without border......
AnD this is my place---- ETSUKO home!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Where should I go if without doing this?

people here and there......
seemed like busy something that I just can't involve myself!

actually kind of fed up with all this things...but I just can't voice out my dissatisfaction!

Work is part of my life and without it I can't find any meaning in life! If without it, my soul just left empty...vacumm......

I'm not a weak person no matter what kind of situation I faced especially I'm the type of emulative in my life!
Life doesn't seemed easy for me all this while but I choose not to be giving up myself and be a normal person in my present life!
This is what I get now!

I not really so happy with what's the current trend but do time really can prove to me the worthiness of what I give all this while? Or maybe it was another daydream?

Who will knows?


Tuesday, August 07, 2007

we no longer bid in one!

this is the day you got to leave Malaysia and have a brand new start in a unfamiliar country... ...

early in the morning, i finally found my courage to ring you up, the line is through and i'm in tempting heart cause so shock to await your voice!
someone picked up the phone, but i knew that was not you... ...

it was your dad! you already left!
i'm just too late... ...

actually i'm just own a simple mind, the only thing i hope i can do is to say VOYAGE before you go...however i'm also missed out the chance!

why can't you reply my message when i need you the most?
why can't just send a warmth message to cheer me up?

i request nothing cause i knew that your mind is so firm in getting a new start in outbound, i only asked for a connection--simple friend's connection in the future time!
but you choose left with nothing......


Thursday, August 02, 2007



Taking on challenges and overcoming them is how we all grow and learn. The more we develop, and the more we know, the greater our likelihood for success will be -- in every situation. That is why you should never run from a challenge.

If there’s a problem in your life, and it is pretty small, what do you do? You solve it. No big deal, since it wasn’t a major issue, right? But what if the problem were huge? What then? One common “solution” is to brush it under the carpet, and hope that it just goes away. “If I ignore it, it can’t hurt me.” That may be true in some situations, but most definitely not in all. Plus, you are sacrificing a great opportunity when you don’t face your problems head-on!

Opportunities exist everywhere, in every moment. Some of them take the form of extra steps you could take to make your life better. Many, however, spontaneously pop up disguised as intimidating troubles that you may not immediately want to address. Running from a problem can seem easy, but it’s really the more difficult choice. When you run, you expend your energy canceling or escaping the symptoms a problem produces, and hiding it from the world. When you wrestle your problem to the ground and attack it at its core, you eliminate all the symptoms and their origin simultaneously. You also gain experience that will aid you in the future.

Another shortcoming to running from a problem is that it may lead to the harm of others. Whenever a problem exists, there is a great likelihood that you aren’t the only person affected by it. If you choose to ignore and avoid it, you may find yourself temporarily safe, but your friend could be put in jeopardy. No one wants to see a friend hurt because they didn’t face their own responsibility. If you know you’ll have trouble solving the problem on your own, maybe your friend can help. If you work together, you can accomplish incredible things. It is always better to work toward a solution than toward the avoidance of an issue.

Both choices (run or solve) involve a great deal of energy on your part. However, when you run, there are risks, and you could potentially have to keep running forever. On the other hand, as soon as you solve the problem, it’ll be gone for good! No more problem, and no more worries in that area. Not only will you know more and be more capable, you’ll be free.







feeling hopeless......

my mood just like the sunset...without hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

second day in august, 2007, i'm in a shock after received a call.

maybe the God tend to challenge my life and my patience......

it just so hopeless for me whenever I think about the news.............
i'm alone all the way.................

i always thought i'm tough enough to encounter everything in life, however it is not true when it really happen......
i can feel my body tremble in the fear............shaking all the time...............

but how can i overcome it?

who can really appear and help me out from the struggle?

i'm really scared...a fearsome mind suddenly appeared...............how about the death??????????

what kind of the worst situation will occur????????????????????suffering?painful?worry?
or die?

why god can't just let me own a simple and harmless life??????

i want to cry.
i want to be useless.
i want to surrender.
i want to run.

can i just be a lamster???????
i wish i can do that.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007













I will follow you...